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It’s no secret I love Italian cooking and baking, so I wrote a book on it. Desserts with Gusto contains 84 of my favorite recipes. There’s a superb pizza recipe with a twist, donuts, crispbreads made for cheese, super easy ice creams, cakes, cookies, desserts, and tarts. Six chapters in total. (Read all about it in My Books!)

Lavazza is my favorite coffee and this one in particular: Crema and Gusto. Great to start the day with a cup of this and works well for all the coffee desserts in the book.

*Dolce Vita White Chocolate with Raspberries, Almonds & Lemon
*Lavazza Crema & Gusto coffee
*Tuscan Biscotti
*Desserts with Gusto Hardcover cookbook (Retail price $39.95)
*Beautiful reusable gift box

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