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It’s no secret I love Italian cooking and baking, so I wrote a book on it. Desserts with Gusto contains 84 of my favorite recipes. There’s a superb pizza recipe with a twist, donuts, crispbreads (perfect for cheese), super easy ice creams, cakes, cookies, desserts, and tarts. Six chapters in total. (Read all about it in My Books!)

I picked some of my favorite things to make the basket a true gift. Drizzle some of the amazing balsamic over the strawberry semifreddo or try it on the pizza with some goat cheese. Have it with the easy crispbread recipe topped with a ripe cheese and a fresh fig.

The jam is perfect for the easy egg bread, or as a filling for the apricot jam tart. What can I say about olive oil? I adore the stuff, and it’s perfect for finishing off any dish. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love a great bottle of it. Lastly, my award-winning Dolce Vita white chocolate. Buon appetito!

*Desserts with Gusto Hardcover book. (Retail $39.95)
*Fructus Extra virgin olive oil
*All About Oil Dark Strawberry Balsamic reduction (From Modena, Italy)
*50 g pack Dolce Vita White Chocolate with Raspberries, Almonds, and Lemon
*Summerland Pure Apricot jam
*Reusable gift box

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