Over the years Gusto Inc. has grown and brought forth new products annually, often driven by the special requests and needs of our new and regular customers.

The latest range of goods we are focusing on are the vegan and/or gluten-free cake options. These cakes have taken almost 18 months to perfect, but were worth the wait. My passion is bringing great tasting products to those of us that have to do without; whether it be wheat, dairy, eggs or refined-sugar, there’s something delicious for everyone.

At this time Gusto Inc. does not have a retail location and we focus primarily on wholesale and custom event cake orders. Please call or email for details on joining our wholesale vendors.

“A party without a cake is just a meeting.” Julia Child


We offer a selection of delicious chocolate cakes, along with our newest cake: The sticky toffee pudding cake. All the cakes are plant-based and topped with the highest quality ganache, buttercreams and/or our signature vegan caramel. We use only Belgian chocolate, unsweetened for the refined sugar free options and minimum 60% for others. The caramel is a labor-intensive work of deliciousness and anoints many of our cakes for an exquisite finishing touch.

The best chocolate cake…that just happens to be vegan & gluten-free!

Packaged for both retail and food services they are sold in food safe foil trays ready for cutting into 6/8 or even 12 portions. They can be frozen beautifully and keep in the fridge for up to 4 days once opened.