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It’s that great night of the year when we can both look back, and look forward. It really is one of the only nights of the year that we do this, or at least I do anyway.
Last year, as in 2015, I had the great joy of visiting a place I had read about for years. We hit Provence with bells on. What a place…and the food! I had always wanted to visit Chateauneuf du pape; a place I had read about and lingered over in Peter Mayle’s book.



I know that a pastry chef writes mostly about sweet things, but it’s New Years Eve and champagne, or Prosecco, to me always pairs so well with some of my favorite savory dishes. Asparagus and Mayonnaise rank very high on that list, and as I make it I am reminded of that amazing trip to Provence this year. Happy New Year to all and may 2016 be filled with health and happiness and…great food and wine!

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If you can’t buy asparagus, in season, from a French vendor like I did, then source out the freshest you can from your local market. Always peel the outside ribs of tough fibres and cook in salted water until tender.
Now for the Mayo…you need fresh eggs and you need some great olive oil from great olives.

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1 whole large free-range egg
2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 cup good quality vegetable oil or avocado oil
1/3 cup olive oil
4 tsp Apple cider or white vinegar or fresh lemon juice
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

In a food processor with a blade attachment whiz the egg and mustard together until combined.
Slowly drizzle in the oils until the blend comes together in a creamy homogenized pile. Add the vinegar or lemon juice and season to taste.

I can’t say I always made my own mayo but when I started I knew I could never go back. Enjoy…with so many things, like asparagus, boiled eggs, fries. The list goes on. For that extra kick add half a clove of minced garlic when adding the vinegar to create aioli.



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Now for some bread, as I love good bread. Terra Breads here in Vancouver is a favorite of mine, as is Fieldstone Bakeries in White Rock. We are very fortunate to have so many great bakeries here and as one of my favorite bakeries- Fieldstones – says, not all breads are created equally!

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