My Books

The Works by Paula Lyons

The Works: 100 favourite vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and reduced sugar recipes

This book was inspired by the story of a little boy—my little boy. With the turn of a page—elevated numbers and red lines appearing left, right, and centre—his diet changed. I wasn’t quite ready for it. Since then, I learned to love his new diet and this whole new way of cooking. Now I am sharing it for those in the same boat: accidental vegans, gluten-freers, or anything you lost on the road to change. If you love food like I do — real food — you will find something here to appeal to you.

Breaking Bread by Paula Lyons

Breaking bread: Recipes and memories of Irish home-cooking

Food is so much more than fuel for the tank, don’t you think? It has as much to do with emotions as it does taste. It holds flavours and aromas that remind you of that windy day walk by the ocean, and the fish chowder waiting for you in the pub when you came in soaked. Food comes with history, with memories, with links, and it brings us home, no matter how far we’ve roamed.

Desserts with Gusto by Paula Lyons

Desserts with Gusto: Exploring la dolce vita

I’ve always loved sweet things and I love to bake, especially using quality seasonal produce and simplicity. Desserts don’t have to be scary and you don’t need a diploma in pastry arts to achieve something spectacular. It amazes me when great chefs tell me they don’t like to bake, but they love to cook. I can’t help but think, what do they serve after a great meal? Great meals deserve a great finish, and nobody has to know how easy it is.