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Gourmet Donuts:

Wheat, dairy & egg-free baked donuts made with real fruit and gourmet toppings. (No coloring added.)

Vanilla & Coconut base baked donuts:

Triple berry & crumble

Organic Blueberry & lemon

Organic Strawberry, ginger & lime

Raspberry, citrus & almond

Organic Matcha, lemon & toasted coconut

Passion fruit & coconut

Blackberry, apple & poppyseed donut

Mocha & hazelnut praline

Pear & cashew

Cherry, Orange & almond

Key lime & poppyseed

Belgian chocolate on Vanilla or coconut donut

Peanut butter, Raspberry chia jelly and chocolate icing

Cinnamon sugar! Lightly coated in organic vegan butter.

Maple, cinnamon & toasted almond

Apple Crisp: Dried apples with cinnamon oat crisp topping

Chocolate Donuts:

Mocha & Organic coffee

Chocolate & sour cherry

Double chocolate, Peanut butter & Raspberry chia jelly

Chai spice

Chocolate Orange almond

Chocolate, espresso & hazelnut praline

Chocolate & Blood Orange icing


Gourmet Cupcakes: plant-based and GF available also (with Italian meringue buttercream.)

Pink Lemonade: Coconut lemon cupcake & real raspberry icing!

Exotica: Vanilla coconut cupcake & mango/passionfruit icing!

Mocha: Devil’s food chocolate cupcake & organic coffee icing with 55% Belgian chocolate!

Passion Noir: Dark chocolate cupcake with a tangy real passionfruit icing!

Sea-Salted Caramel: Devil’s food cupcake with chocolate icing and vegan salted caramel drizzle!

Creme du Menthe: Devil’s food cake with Belgian chocolate icing infused with pure mint oil!

Cafe Noisette: Coffee cupcake with Dark belgian chocolate icing infused with crunchy hazelnut praline icing!

Black forest: Chocolate cake studded with sour cherries and topped with pure vanilla icing!

Chocolate Chai: Chocolate cupcake & Chai infused icing!

Matcha: Devil’s food chocolate cupcake & pure organic matcha icing!

Lemon Matcha: Lemon white cake with pure organic matcha icing!

Framboise: Devil’s chocolate cupcake with real raspberry buttercream!

Strawberry Shortcake: Vanilla cupcake with strawberry puree buttecream!

Pina Colada: Coconut white cupcake with pineapple infused icing!

Amaretto: Almond white cupcake with chocolate almond icing! (Can be made all chocolate also.)

Grand Marnier: Chocolate cupcake with a dark Belgian chocolate icing infused with pure orange!


Here are a few of the choices, all available as vegan and/or wheat-free options. (We use naturally occuring gluten-free flours blended in a kitchen that uses wheat products.)


Willowview Farms Apple Pie, using either Gravenstein or Elstar apples.

French Apple Tart.

Apple and Almond frangipane Tart.

Cherry almond tart.

Pear and hazelnut or almond tart.

Blueberry Pie.

Toasted coconut, lemon & blueberries.


Spinach & Cashew cheese

Caramelized Onion and Balsamic Reduction

Fig Cheeze and Red Onion Tartlet