At the present time we carry a variety of plant-based cakes and gluten-free options.

*Individual Puddings: All cakes can be heated from frozen in 45 seconds for a restaurant style dessert in the comfort of your home.

**Vegan sticky toffee: A classic dessert now plant-based in a reduced sugar sauce. (Also available in vegan & gluten-free options.)

**Chocolate Butterscotch & Chocolate stout cake: We use local craft brews for the delicious stout cake and reduced sugar butterscotch sauces.

*Cakes – 660 g – frozen. Variety of Flavors include Pecan caramel, Salted caramel and peanut butter. All cakes are plant-based and refined sugar free. Serves 6-8

*Please contact us about cupcake and cake custom orders for special occasions and events. (P.S, I have nearly 20 years of wedding/event experience as a cake designer!)

*Pies available year-round.

*Chocolates sold in stores and contact me for gift basket ideas.

*Gourmet Cakes & Cupcakes: Real ingredients always.

Gluten-free & plant-based/vegan available on everything. Organic vegan butter. 70% Belgian Chocolate. Real fruit (no colorings or additives.)

Pink Lemonade: Lemon & real raspberry icing

Exotica: Vanilla bean & mango/passionfruit icing!

Mocha: Devil’s food chocolate cake & organic coffee icing with 70% Belgian chocolate!

Passion Noir: Dark chocolate cake with a tangy real passionfruit icing!

Sea-Salted Caramel: Devil’s food cake with chocolate icing and vegan salted caramel drizzle

Creme du Menthe: Devil’s food cake with Belgian chocolate icing infused with pure mint oil!

Cafe Noisette: Coffee cupcake with Dark belgian chocolate icing infused with crunchy hazelnut praline icing!

Black forest: Chocolate cake studded with sour cherries and topped with pure vanilla icing!

Chocolate Chai: Chocolate cupcake & Chai infused icing.

Framboise: Devil’s chocolate cupcake with real raspberry buttercream!

Grand Marnier: Chocolate cake with a dark Belgian chocolate icing infused with pure orange!