It’s a pie!

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I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of a new addition to the gusto family; gourmet pies! I LOVE making wheat-free pies. (And, vegan options also.) I even make GF and vegan pies, which was no easy task. (Whoever in God’s name said the words “Easy as pie” never tackled that mountain.) How does one make light, flaky pastry that fools everyone and never causes the words ” well, it’s not bad…for gluten-free!” to be uttered? Answer: One toils in the kitchen for months on end like a mad scientist, weighing, measuring, adding, subtracting, sieving, documenting, standing watching the pie bake and numerous other factors and voila, just like that (yeah right!) out comes this delectable pastry hugging a mound of sweet apples and one eats the whole thing in admiration! That’s how. I can’t wait to share some recipes and ideas along the way, as well as the pies, so stay tuned. For now here’s some images to whet your appetite.

1) Get a wagon, load it with two children, bags and a map of the orchard and get over to Willow View Farms in Abbotsford to see what’s ripening on their beautiful fruit-laden trees.

2) Pick apples, plums, pears and Asian pears and try not to eat any before check-out.

Best ever muesli!

3) Get rolling!

This is how my gluten-free pie looks when you buy it. It’s made with brown and white rice flour, tapioca starch, cornstarch, potato flour and milk powder. I use all butter, but vegan butter can be worked with too. (I played with that one for a lengthy period of time also to perfect.) $16.99 in the freezer section in the shop.

4) Bake at 400 F for minimum 35 minutes until dark golden brown.

5) Slice. Take on picnics. Eat in front of the fire. Whatever you like, there’s a pie for that. Enjoy. See you down on the farm.


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