Good food is the common ground and global experience in life that brings people together. It is nourishment for the body, but above all it’s nourishment for the soul.

There is no love sincerer than the love of food, and while I didn’t write that I couldn’t agree more!

I was only five years old when I gave my first gift of a homebaked treat. My mother was ill, and my father was commissioned with gathering ingredients to help make cookies. Since then it has always felt so good to give gifts of food to people. I know I am not alone in this sentiment. It is sincere, heartfelt and as the Irish proverb goes, “laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.”

I have taken 20 years of experience in the professional kitchen, 35 in the home kitchen, 12 years in the wedding industry, a love of good food, writing, and somehow combined it all to call it my “job”.

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words” – Plautus

The gift boxes contain selected quality artisan products to offer a refreshing approach to gift giving. The chocolate products are made in small batches and use only the finest ingredients. We can add your favorite wine and fresh floral arrangements for local delivery only, and all other boxes can be shipped nationally and internationally. Let us add your sweet message in your own words, on cards or within beautiful frames.

Thanks to The Growing Great Chocolate™ program through Belgian Chocolatier Barry Callebaut, I use 100% sustainably cultivated cocoa beans. Growing Great Chocolate™: Growing cocoa quality – Growing farmer income – Growing quality of life. I use items such as dried beets and all natural colors for my macarons, pure oils for the chocolate, freeze dried raspberries, and organic quinoa. The gift boxes are made in Canada, and are recyclable and 100 % biodegradable.